KTB go-to ordering procedure

Here is a little explanation as how to go about getting dinner to-go from us.  We are serving KTB to-go dinner Wednesday-Saturday.  We change the menu slightly each day, therefore, Lara posts the day’s new menu at 12:30pm each day.  Customers can then start calling in their order for that evening.  You cannot order a day in advance.  Lara takes calls starting at 12:30pm and assigns each person a pick up time between 4:30pm-7:30pm, staggering folks every 5 minutes.  We accept phone orders until 6:30pm.  Credit card payment is all taken over the phone – touchless interaction.  We take down the color and make of your vehicle, so that we can spot you out by the back door.  When we see you arrive at the time you have been assigned, we bag up your food, bring it out back to the pick-up table, wave to you to make sure it’s you, and then we go back inside and you can hop out of your car to grab your food.  Easy as pie!  Thank you for your support and interest.  We look forward to cooking for you soon!